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Because every time I see it I giggle...

funny pictures of cats with captions

Got a bunch done yesterday... now I just need to finished reading 'The Left Hand of Darkness', which I don't particularly like, as well as a couple of chapters in poetry... then start studying!

I need to write my list/chant poem. I am totally going to write a WoW poem, but I am not clever enough... so I'll probably just write a list poem using the stuff in the bags.. wait, I think I wrote this yesterday...

Read the most awesome short story yesterday. It was really disturbing, but it was really good! It was called the 'The Screwfly Solution' written in the late 70s by a woman. It's about how men in certain areas of the earth killing all the women under the guise of 'cleansing' the earth for God. And how the areas spread.. and yeah. It's really good, and the science behind it makes perfect sense lol Sometime science fiction is fun. I'm pretty sure it's a commentary on sexism ;)

Ahh feets are cold.

ES21 is so awesome. Read a few more volumes last night. There was an obligatory bath house scene with Kakei and Mizumatchi! omg lol and also there is a character more 'evil' than Hiruma... well he's a different kind of evil. Hiruma is a cruel, mean, selfish, extortionist with a weapons fetish, but he usually means fairly well. He is 'good' evil. Agon is just an asshole all around. I want to see the Devil Bats destroy him -_- Oh and they will. Wahaha. They've had their one, obligatory shounen manga loss. I can't remember if Seigaku had one, but I'm pretty sure they did... maybe. Could have just been Ryouma that lost. Oh well.
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