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And so Kerrie wrote a poem pertaining to WoW...

Because I think my class needs an education about the inventory of a lvl 80 Hunter's bags

What do I do with Rubicord scales,
Or fur clothing scraps?
What does an Elder’s Moon stone do
Or a Coin of Ancestry?

How should I use this Sporeling snack,
Or this Diamond-cut refractor scope?
How ‘bout this mining pick
Or this heavy frostweave bandage?

I think I’ll drink this honeymint tea,
Or maybe this runic mana potion,
I think I'll eat this sweet potato bread,
Or maybe this sour goat cheese.

I need to sell these clothy boots,
And these useless Hoary crystals.
I need to trade the Vrykul bones,
And the stacks of frostweave cloth.

The Terrorshaft arrows will have to stay,
And with them my hearthstone
The hollow fang has got to go,
And with it the crystallized air.

The contents of my bags are sorted,
I have room for other things.
The rest of the relics, and the K3 equipment,
I should really do this more often.

Oh ye~ah, that's how I fail at poetry.
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