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And some follow up...

funny pictures of cats with captions


So, I talked to Dr. Jameson on Friday... Calgary's offer is $17,500 so I'm pretty much guaranteed the same amount as the SSHRC... my first year of grad school is funded! Yay!

Now I just have to decide when to go. Strategically/lazily/money-ily the smartest thing to do is just stay at my parents for May, June, maybe July.. and move for August 1st. That way I don't have to work or worry about paying summer bills and I can do a bunch of reading and writing. The problem with that is that I miss my friends and I want to see them as soon as possible. Also 2-3 months at my parents might drive me insane. I didn't handle 2 months last summer with them very well... but it would give Rob enough of a cushion that he would have more money than me going...

I don't know what to do ;_; I wanted to move in May... well mom can't move me in the end of April anyway, they are going to Cali, so it would have to be June... probably. Gah. What do you guys think? If anyone actually reads this... lol

Spent 3 hours taking notes on Weapons of Mass Deception yesterday. Really good film, even when you have to watch it twice to get all the info for a test. I think I'll do pretty good on media.. English is another matter. I know it really doesn't matter, but ugh I just can't stand to do badly lol It's a tick.

I need to clean.. the floors are icky >.< and I'll be leaving for a week at the end of the week.. I should get on that... but first! Coffee, breakfast and Jonathan!
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Well, you can certainly offset the costs of moving here earlier with a job. Sanity, too, is important. On the other hand, it does make sense to stay at your parents and save, and give your brother that cushion. Does it make more sense to split the difference and come out here, say, in July?
I have thought about that, and Ideally that's what I'd want to do. The only problem is paying for food for two months :/ I could get a job, but I'm concerned about being hired when I know I'm going going to be working for a month and a half... I could lie.. but that's not really in my nature lol I suppose we'll have to see... depends too on how much moneys I have too XD
It does tend to get expensive, in which case August might be your best bet. You might just have to plan for it, and save and all that junk.
needing money sucks.. blah! Or at least having to earn it sucks
Funny story I agree!