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Update time!

I totally have an ES21 mood theme but I've been too lazy to go upload it somewhere lol

So my life is pretty much blegh. Stressed from school and from the thought of surviving three months at my parents. Also from the realization that my issues with intimacy are far more serious than I thought they were. Sigh. Yeah, alone forever because of one life event. It's so retarded.

Grad school update: I sent away my acceptance and they were really happy to hear from me. Dr. Jameson even emailed me (even though the reply wasn't to her) to say how happy she was and to say that she wanted to meet if I was gonna be in Calgary. It feels nice to be wanted XD

I am not even going to go into the absurd attachment I have to a boy in Florida I met playing WoW -_-'

I want to play more WoW.. probably after this semester is done. I have two papers a presentation and two finals yet. One of the papers is done, the other will hopefully be done tomorrow or sunday.. we'll see. Presentation next week end. Yeah.

Good news though! I am going to Otafest ^^ My mom agreed to let me use airmiles to fly to Calgary and lordmork offered, very nicely, to put me up for the weekend. So yay! Anime fun! I am super excited, since I don't get to go to Anime Evolution that is in the same province -_-; I am very looking forward to May now..

And after my frustrating weightloss of the last 3 months I had a break down and ate a bunch of crap yesterday. I don't really feel guilty and I don't regret it. I just need to move on.

I should get to my walk before those BLACK (not exaggerating here) clouds roll in and dump rain and snow on us.
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