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No fun macro today! I forgot until I had already loaded this page...

So yesterday I went on the epic journey to walmart.. which is blegh. But I figured I had better go while it was sunny since it's supposed to be rainy/snowy all week and that just sucks.

Went to mcdonalds, which was the start of a disaster day in regards to food (14 points over, go me). Though I only at like 13 points there.. still yeah. Anyway, I ordered a hamburger with shredded lettuce and tomato, small fries and a small diet coke. What I got: a hamburger with leaf lettuce and tomato, medium fries and a medium coke. I was not impressed. But being me, I didn't take it back, I just ate it -_-; Fail. It was cause the 15 year old behind the counter had one of her friends standing there and they were talking. I was like wtf management.

Bought a drink thermos so I can stop buying coffee at school. Buying coffee at school is bad for two reasons: 1 I often buy frap instead, which is no no. 2 the plain coffee at the cafeteria is better than the coffee at the coffee shop, thus I have to go to the cafe and... yeah culinary arts program.


I stayed up ridiculously late last night reading Eyeshield 21. The manga is better than the anime, though I missed the voices. I just have to say I love Kakei... His story is so ridiculous lol..

He goes to the US, being like 180cm tall in grade 7 right. He played football while in Japan and pwned people cause he was tall. But when he went to the US, he got pwned. So what does he do? He says "the hell with this!" and starts hanging out drinking, looking like a gangster. I feel the need to pose the page from the manga.

Yeah. He's about 13. Ahh I love shounen sports manga.

He of course goes on to reform his DRINKING habits and get back into football and pwn peoples faces off as a linebacker.

I need to make a list of things I have to do. Only reading homework this weekend, but there's lots of it. And I have to start studying for midterms, tues probably, since they are in a week and a half. And damn it, while Sci Fi might not be a problem, I have a feeling media studies will be. Just because OMFG JARGON and methodology history. Makes me cry.

I need to write the poem that's due the same day as my scifi midterm. I want to write it about WoW... I think I'm going to write a list poem, listing the contents of my hunter's bag. Though my DKs bag would be amusing too since it has the Frozen Axe of Death in it lol. Oh, but Sporling Snacks are so fun. Yeah, my class is so going to WTF... w00t for workshop?

Have I mentioned my love for ES21? Honestly, its the Prince of Tennis of football... like exactly the same in almost every way, except the characters themselves. And the sport. Same plot, right down the creating a national team (though their team has more players, thus can incorporate more from the 'enemy' teams). I love it. Hiruma and his swearing and weapons silos and balckmail.. ahh /tear.
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