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If only I could lay around all day.. oh wait, I slept until 11 and laid in bed till 12:30, that's right...

Of course then I had to get up.. and I made breakfast, and spent an hour and fifteen minutes doing the dishes. Now... I have to study! Midterms next wed and thurs -_- And the English ones include passage identification in which we get a passage, have to identify the story title, author, where the passage is from in the work and the significance of it to the story.

Yeah, we'ave read 8 short stories and 2 novels. Well, I'm still working on the second novel.

The 'Left Hand of Darkness' is ugh. I don't understand why Ursula Le Guin is lauded as being a fantastic writer. Oh sure, she's good mechanically, but her story telling sucks. It's like 3/4ers of the way through the book and it's JUST getting to the plot.. omg. You fail woman.

My mom says all her books are like that, boring.

So, now, to talk to Jonathan and work >.>
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